Mama Cozy

Discover all her nice and relaxed lullabies

When it’s time to slow down and sit with your little ones to sing, Mama Cozy helps you out singing the greatest nursery rhymes in a nice and mellow way. Beautifully sung in an easy going mellow pop music sound and the songs are slow enough to teach your children to sing along with them.

With Mama Cozy you listen and sing along to the best bedtime songs that need to be sung with mommy or daddy before going to bed, when taking a little break or on a lazy Sunday. No more cheering up, but calming down and cuddling instead. Singing together works in a harmonising and connecting way! And you will find out for yourself that singing those ballads accompanied only by a great pianist will make these singing sessions so joyful and peaceful.


Enjoy this cosy moment with just you and your kids and don’t forget that everybody can and needs to sing :-)!